Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation
District 13 Durham

Health and Safety


By law, every workplace requires a "Workers' Rep" for Health and Safety. The representative is to insure a safe workplace exists for one's colleagues.

Heat Stress Help

For heat stress guidelines and tips, please visit the Ontario Ministry of Labour website.

Critical Updates

Click here for information on what to do if you are injured at work, injured in a violent incident or threatened.

Reporting Forms

Click here for a copy of the Joint Health and Safety Committee's near miss form.  It is important to report all near misses so that any possible corrections can be made to remove the risk for other employees.


Meetings occur per year at the District Office, usually on the Wednesday following the Joint Health and Safety Committee Meeting.

2023-2024: Oct. 25, Dec. 13, Jan. 31, Mar. 27, Apr. 17, Jun. 12.

Duties of the School Representatives

To take part in workplace inspections during the year (release time for the Fall inspection is provided. Normally, the Winter inspection takes place during Exams or Semester turnaround time. A third will occur in the late Spring).
Identify and record any problems encountered, or anything that looks like it may develop into a problem.

To post the minutes of the Health and Safety meetings, be aware of safety concerns and
training opportunities, and be on-call to represent Branch members concerning any Health and Safety issue.

To liaise between branch members and administration, and branch members and the District Office.

To undertake other duties from time to time pertaining to the workplace as defined under the Workplace Health & Safety Act.

Committee Members



Brandon Muise


Jennifer Piersma


Christina Demaray Branch 18

Carl Perdue


Sam Puiu

Tom Dias

Con Ed

Ann Barker


James Blair

Christine Pemberton


Paul Lawrence & Jennifer Loach-Perry


Derek Grant / Heather Tyrell

Henry Street

George Chaktsiris

Maxwell Heights

Bill Blackmore


David Leich


Greg Saunders


Kathie Harris/Chair

Pine Ridge

Steven Bailey

Port Perry

Alicia Fennell


Derek Ganz


Janice Cramer


Andrea Ablett


Pat Martorelli


Krystal Griffiths PSSP
Linda Chan Virtual School

Ruth Leone

District 13 TBU Office

Richard McCormack

District 13 TBU Office - District 13 TBU Representative Liaison

Joint Health and Safety Committee

This is a health and safety committee comprised of worker and management reps.

Click here for info on the DDSB Joint Health and Safety Committee.

Workers' Health and Safety Centre Scholarships

Click here for information about the annual scholarship.

OSSTF Health and Safety Checklists for COVID-19 Issues

Please find the Checklist for Worksite H&S Reps here.
Please find the Checklist for Education Workers here.
Please find the Checklist for COVID Related Illnesses and WSIB here.

Members are encouraged to bring issues that concern health and safety forward through their branch representatives to the District 13 office so the District 13 representatives can raise these as part of the joint health and safety committee.