Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation
District 13 Durham

Teacher Performance Appraisal

Appraisal Time-Line (taken from DDSB TPA Manual)

Notification of Appraisal Period

Within 20 days after start of school year

Annual Learning Plan

For discussion at Pre-observation Meeting;

finalization at Post-observation Meeting

Pre-observation meeting

5 school days (minimum) prior to observation of teaching


Time and date as specified in Pre-observation Meeting

Post-observation meeting

Within 5 school days after observation of teaching

Teacher’s receipt of Summative Report

1 school day prior to Summative Report Meeting

Summative Report Meeting

Within 20 school days after observation of teaching


A teacher’s performance can be rated:

At or Above Standard   

Next TPA in 5 years      

(unless you are in the NTIP program)


Below Standard

Contact the D13 office for help with the next steps in the process


Frequency of Appraisal

  • Teachers new to the Durham Board will be appraised in their first year of employment with the board.
  • Teachers continuously employed by the Durham Board will have an appraisal year in every five year period.
  • Teachers who are appraised “At or Above Standard” will have one appraisal in the appraisal year.
  • A period when the teacher is on an extended leave that has been approved by the board will not be counted as part of the appraisal cycle.
  • If the principal of a school or supervising superintendent considers it advisable to do so, he or she may conduct a performance appraisal of a teacher at any time. The reason for this will be shared with the Federation.
  • A teacher may request a performance appraisal in addition to those required, except during his/her appraisal year. The principal shall ordinarily grant the teacher’s request.

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