Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation
District 13 Durham


District 13 OSSTF represents approximately 1450 permanent and 740 occasional teachers along with over 100 Professional Student Services Personnel in Durham region. Our union provides services to its members to protect them in their work and to enhance their professionalism through professional development workshops, health and safety training, collective agreement in-servicing and regular communications and public relations highlighting the teachers in our schools.

Result of Election for TBU and District President

At a District Council meeting on January 21st, Shane Stagg was elected as TBU and District President. He will fill the role vacated by Lamia Sabbagh as she moves on to her new position at Provincial OSSTF. Please join us as we extend congratulations to Shane in his new role.

Full Withdrawal of Services on Friday, February 21

Durham Region education workers, along with all other education affiliates in the province, will be engaged in a ONE DAY, full withdrawal of services on Friday, February 21st.

Members will picket at their school site, unless an exception is noted below:

  • Pine Ridge SS @ MPP Peter Bethlenfalvy’s Office in Pickering,
  • J. Clarke Richardson @ Rod Phillips’ office in Ajax.

The People vs. Conservative Cuts Rally - February 22, 2020

The Ontario Federation of Labour has arranged The People vs. Conservative Cuts Rally for February 22 at 10:30 AM. It will take place at the Scotiabank Convention Centre, 6815 Stanley Avenue, in Niagara Falls. The event will coincide with the PC Party Policy Conference.

ETFO Durham has arranged for bus transportation to the rally and generously invited OSSTF members to join in for a ride. A sign-up is available on the ETFO Durham website.


Deceiving Divas Event - April 24, 2020

It's back again - 

The Teachers Caring for Teachers/LGBTQ Fundraiser 

"The Deceiving Divas"

To purchase tickets or see more information

select the picture to the right


OSSTF/FEESO information pickets and limited withdrawal of administrative services

Information regarding information pickets and limited withdrawal of service are available on the Provincial OSSTF website under the News portion of the main page.

Participating in the Push-Back Against Cuts to Public Education

There are a variety of ways that people can participate in the push-back. Calls and emails to MPPs are a way to be heard. A visit to www.hereforstudents.ca will offer a number of resources to stay informed and an online form to assist with contacting politicians. As well, OSSTF’s Facebook, Twitter and Instagram accounts provide plenty of content that can be shared with your social networks to get the word out. Details on bargaining can be found at bargainingforeducation.ca; the information available here will assist with conversation with neighbors, relatives and friends. 

Rallies During the Week of November 11th - 15th

The week of November 11th - 15th was constituency week, meaning that MPPs were at home in their constituency offices. We took this opportunity to deliver a message to MPPs and the Ford Government by participating in rallies outside offices on Wedesday and Thursday of that week.

On Wednesday, November 13th the Durham Labour Council is hosted a rally outside Peter Bethlenfalvy's office at 1550 Kingston Rd #213 in Pickering, 4:00 - 5:30. OSSTF members were encouraged to join in this rally with our allies in the community.

On Thursday, November 14th our local D13 OSSTF Office hosted a rally outside Lorne Coe's office at 113 Dundas St E in Whitby, 4:00 - 5:30. 

Members came out to share in delivering the message that we will not sit idly and watch this government make cuts to education. Who better to stand up for public education in Ontario than the dedicated educators within in?


The OSSTF PD day took place on November 15th, 2019 with a wellness theme, “Better Together”. Thank you to participants, presenters and hosts for making it a successful day!

Educators Financial AB/ABQ Bursary


The application form can be downloaded by clicking here: D13 Educators Bursary Application

Walk into Retirement with a Plan

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to view the poster.

Collective Bargaining

The collective bargaining process is outlined in the School Board Collective Bargaining Act and the Labour Relations Act. As steps are made toward negotiating a collective agreement progress will be shown here.

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Durham and Toronto Pride

The Durham Pride Parade took place on
Sunday June 2. 

Toronto Pride Parade

Sunday, June 23


PC MPP Rallies

The Ford Government’s announcement on March 15th will be devastating to public education if it is implemented.

OSSTF held province-wide information/protest rallies on Fridays outside our local PC MPP offices. The goal was to inform our local MPP of the disastrous impact cuts to education will have on our public education system and to implore them to tell Doug Ford to stop any further cuts to education.

It is imperative that we continue outlining our vehement opposition to the government’s announcements. We need to make sure that individual PC MPPs know how reckless and ill advised the Ford education plan is.

Response from DDSB Trustees Regarding Ministry Announcements

Durham trustees have sent a strong message to the Ministry about the devastating effects the proposed changes will have on public education. 

The letter can be viewed by clicking here. We will also be sharing a link to the letter through Facebook and Twitter.

District Annual Meeting

The district annual meeting was held on Thursday, May 2nd. The results of voting for elected positions are as follows:

District and TBU President - Lamia Sabbagh
1st Vice President - Erin Crawford
2nd Vice President - Garrett Metcalfe
3rd Vice President - Richard McCormack
4th Vice President - Rob Walker
Treasurer - Nicole Bléau
Secretary - Ruth Kam
Additional TBU Provincial Councillor - Nicole Bléau

AMPA Delegates: George Chaktsiris, Erin Crawford, Ryan Gordon, Art Hanke, Jacqueline Hill, Jason Himsl, Ruth Kam, Ryan Kelly, Richard McCormack, Garrett Metcalfe, Shane Stagg, Paul Wayling


Rally for Education

Thank you to all who attended the rally on April 6th.  Thousands of education workers arrived to protest the proposed cuts to education by the government. 



QR Code and Reusable Water Bottles

Reusable water bottles have arrived.

They include a QR code which directs visitors to our Mobilization Page.

They will be offered at District events.


OSSTF District 13 Information Rally, Feb 7, 2019

The Ford Government intends to cut 4% from the Ontario budget. For public education, that would mean a cut of approximately $1 billion.

On Thursday, February 7th OSSTF held very successful province-wide information rally's outside local MPP offices. The goal was to inform our local MPP of the disastrous impact cuts to education will have on our public education system and to implore them to tell Doug Ford to stop any further cuts to education.



Active Retired Members

Retired members can continue their OSSTF involvement
though membership with Active Retired Members.
Please click on the image to visit the website. 

Make sure to sign onto the Charter for Public Education at http://www.onepublicsystem.ca


The Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation supports all of the recommendations put forward in the report from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada. In particular, OSSTF/FEESO endorses all of the recommendations related to improving educational opportunities for all First Nations, Métis and Inuit (FNMI) Canadians, and the need to better educate all Canadians about the history and impact of residential schools.