Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation
District 13 Durham

Human Rights


  • To utilize an ally capacity model to support all under-served and under-represented members in our schools and within our federation.
  • To provide a forum for the discussion of issues pertaining to the provision and maintenance of a working environment free from harassment.
  • To help prevent harassment by working towards the elimination of discrimination.
  • To educate the school community and raise awareness of the types of incidents of behaviour which may be offensive, embarrassing, humiliating and/or patronizing and which deny individuals dignity and respect.
  • To create safer schools by working to eliminate poisoned environments associated with discrimination by dispelling the stereotypes, myths, and negative ideas that are part of these poisoned environments.
  • To increase awareness of human rights issues amongst our members.



One per month, usually the first Tuesday of each month at the District Office at 4:15 p.m.   Check the website for more information.

2023-2024 meeting dates:   Oct 3, Nov 9, Dec 5, Jan 9, Feb 6, Mar 5, Apr 2, May 7, Jun 4

Duties of the School Representatives

  • Attend monthly District 13 Human Rights Committee meetings.
  • Work with the committee to prioritize, initiate and implement events at both the school and district levels.
  • Work with the committee to prioritize, develop and implement professional development around anti-oppression and social justice pedagogy for our members.

Committee Members



Jennifer Hendry Ajax

Jennifer Piersma


Colleen Rasmussen Branch 18
Karen Clark Brock
Christina Kalianteris Brooklin
 Tom Dias Con Ed

Garrett Metcalfe

District 13 TBU Liaison

Mary Beamer DASS

Jennifer Young


Tracey Reynolds Eastdale

Esther McCalla


Sandra Stevens     

Henry Street

George Chaktsiris

Maxwell Heights

Ryan Gordon


Stephanie McMahon


Chris Davis

Kathie Harris

Pine Ridge

Katie Dwyer & Kelly Bond
Port Perry

Alicia Fennell


Rachel Birney Roberts

Julie Gladman


Rob Walker


Driss El Machkour Virtual School

Michael Hook


Stefanie Pritchard PSSP

Ruth Leone

District TBU Office