Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation
District 13 Durham

OTBU Annual Meeting


District 13, Occasional Teachers’ Bargaining Unit
Annual Meeting (Virtual) – Tuesday, June 15, 2021

This years’ Annual Meeting will be held virtually by Zoom link on Tuesday, June 15, 2021.
The meeting room will be open at 5:15 pm. Business starts at 5:30 pm.

As with our in-person meetings, only Members in attendance will be able to vote.
*You will need your OSSTF Membership Number to register and to vote.*
     Your membership number can be found on your OSSTF Edvantage card.

Members are asked to register in advance.
Register to attend by clicking here.

 All voting will take place through the OSSTF Voting Centre, which is found in the Members' Protected Space of the OSSTF website at www.osstf.on.ca. You will need your OSSTF Membership Number to log onto the Voting Centre. Your membership number can be found on your OSSTF Edvantage card.
Please log onto the website prior to June 15th to ensure that you can access the Members' Protected Space and the Voting Centre.

 Need help Logging in? Member Login and myOSSTF Tutorial Videos are available at this link to help active members log in and access the various features of the myOSSTF portal.

Amendments to the Constitution and By-laws 
Members in good standing may propose amendments, duly moved and seconded, by submitting the Resolutions Form.

      The Deadline to submit on-time resolutions to amend the Constitution is May 21, 2021.

      The Deadline to submit on-time resolutions to amend the By-laws is May 26, 2021.

      On-time resolutions will be posted on the D13 District and Bargaining Unit Constitutions page no later than May 31, 2021.

A brief rationale for each resolution must be included; the mover and seconder may expand on their rationale when the motion is debated at the Annual Meeting.

To submit a Resolution, click here.

Elected Positions for the 2021 - 2022 school year
We invite nominations from Members in good standing for the positions below.
Please consider putting your name forward.

To stand for election, Members must
     • be members in good standing of the D13 OTBU
     • complete and submit the online nomination form
     • register for and attend the Annual Meeting (Virtual).

You may nominate yourself for any position; nominations for a position as an Executive Member are limited to two per person.

Those elected will begin their term of office as of July 1, 2021 and continue in that role until June 30, 2022. Should any elected member be unable to fulfill their term, another member will be appointed to that position, per the provisions of our Constitution and By-laws.

Members who submit their nominations by June 4, 2021 will be contacted by the Returning Officer prior to the Annual Meeting to confirm their intention to stand for election.

Please click on this link to access and submit the nomination form.
Please click on this link to access and submit the registration form.

On-time nominees for elected positions are as follows:

Position Nominee
President Avril Burns
President Julia McCrea
1st VP Mara Zalcmanis
2nd VP Dick Woudenberg
District Council Rep. Mara Zalcmanis
AMPA Delegate Mara Zalcmanis
AMPA Delegate Julia McCrea
AMPA Delegate Dick Woudenberg
H/S Rep. Scott Brinning
Treasurer Avril Burns

Elected Positions 
Executive Member
First Vice-President
Second Vice-President

District Councillor
Additional Representative to District Council - two (2) to be elected

District Standing Committee Representative
OTBU Representative to the Communications Committee
OTBU Representative to the Constitution Committee
OTBU Representative to the Educational/Political Action Committee
OTBU Representative to the Health and Safety Committee
OTBU Representative to the Human Rights Committee
OTBU Representative to the Professional Development Committee
OTBU Representative to the Public Relations Committee

Provincial Assembly Delegate
Additional Delegate to the Provincial Assembly - two (2) to be elected

The duties of all positions as outlined in the OTBU Constitution and By-laws as well as the by-laws regarding Nominations and Campaigns can be found here.

The roles and responsibilities for each District Standing Committee Representative can be found on the District Committees page, here.

Please check the OTBU pages of the District 13 website regularly for updates, or join our Member Contact List by sending an email from your personal (not Board) email account to avril.burns@d13.osstf.ca with Subscribe in the Subject line.