Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation
District 13 Durham

Class Size Surveys

To complete your class size survey, select the link below:

D13 Class Size Survey

The survey allows us to monitor collective agreement language that sets both class size maxima and the number of classes oversized by up to 2 students. Central terms from our collective agreement allows 10% of classes in the Board to be over the class size maximum by up to 2 students with no more than 2 oversized classes per teacher per semester. Accurate survey data allows the district to keep track of how many classes are above the class maxima. You can find the class size maxima in the document attached.

Please note: that Grade 9 de-streamed English, ENG1W1, math, MTH1W1, and science, SNC 1W1, have no agreed upon class size maximum. The Board has determined a class size maximum of 27. For all other subjects where academic is the only offering (inclusive academic), that class size remains 28.

Durham Alternative Secondary School (DASS)

DASS - Class Size Survey

It is possible that DASS teachers have different schedules.

If period 2 and period 3 are a 1.0 credit course then please enter the same course code in both the period 2 entry and the period 3 entry.

P1 – Prep

P2 – Course Code (1.0 course)

P3 – Course Code (1.0 course)

P4 – GLE course code

If period 2 and period 3 are each a 0.5 credit course then enter the appropriate course code in those periods. 

P1 – Prep

P2 – Course Code (0.5 course)

P3 – Course Code (0.5 course)

P4 – GLE course code 



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