Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation
District 13 Durham

Injured at Work

  1. Report the injury to your administration (Principal or VP) as soon as possible but at least within 24 hours of injury.
  2. Seek first aid or medical attention if needed. Go to a walk-in clinic or the emergency room if you have to. Do not wait longer for a doctor’s appointment. If you do not see a doctor immediately, it will be problematic or even impossible later to link your symptoms to your injury at work.
  3. Your administrator is required to fill out an SAIR (Supervisor Accident Investigation Report) for workplace injuries as soon as possible but at least within 24 hours of injury. This is a digital reporting form on the Parklane System.  Ask for a copy. If you are unable to complete the digital report right away, at least be sure that administration has been notified as soon as possible and then have the reporting completed as soon as possible after that.
  4. You must also fill out the appropriate incident report(s). Click on the Incident Reporting link for instructions on which forms you should fill out – there may be more than one depending on the type of incident.
  5. If you seek medical attention – make sure you tell the doctor that the injury happened at work and the doctor needs to complete a WSIB Form 8. Get a copy for yourself.
  6. Follow the advice of the medical practitioner.  If you need to be off work due to the injury, advise the Principal, the WSIB specialist and call the District Office for advice.
  7. Keep copies of all medical notes and forms that are completed and handed in to the DDSB or WSIB.
  • Any days off work due to a workplace injury must be tracked and adjudicated by both the DDSB and WSIB.  You must submit documentation to both parties.
  • Any days off deemed to be WSIB days will be paid at 100% and will not be deducted from your regular sick day count.