Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation
District 13 Durham

Social Media

District 13 advises its members NOT to communicate with parents or students using social media or by email.

We recognize that many of our members communicate using various media. Following some of the tips listed below may help to protect our members against accusations of professional misconduct.

Did you know?  “Teaching is a public profession. Canada’s Supreme Court ruled that teachers’ off-duty conduct, even when not directly related to students, is relevant to their suitability to teach.” (OCT Professional Advisory: Use of Electronic Communication and Social Media)


  • Share your password with other colleagues or students.
  • Leave your computer on and unattended when students are in the vicinity.
  • Use your personal email to contact students or parents.
  • “Friend” students or ex-students.
  • Allow students into your privacy settings.
  • Permit images of yourself to be taken or posted or tagged on any site without appropriate privacy safeguards.
  • Post criticism of administrators, colleagues, students, or parents on social networking sites.

If you are a target of cyberbullying contact the District Office.

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