Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation
District 13 Durham

EPAC - Education Issues - Political Action Committee


To assist in the development and administration of a survey of the membership on an on-going basis to determine those classroom-based professional priorities not addressed by the collective agreement.

To present the findings of the survey to the Executive for review, prioritization and action.

To keep members aware of political activities.

To help organize meaningful political action activities.


One per month, usually on the third Wednesday of the month at 4:15 p.m. at the District 13 Office.

As needed to compile the results of the survey.

2023-2024 Meeting Dates: Oct. 11, Nov. 8, Dec. 6, Jan. 17, Feb. 7, Mar. 6, Apr. 10, and Jun.11

Duties of the School Representatives

Attend scheduled meetings once a month.

Bring back information to your branch.

Help educate your branch members about political issues and provide feedback to the committee from your school regarding those educational issues of priority to the membership.

Liaise with Branch President to ensure co-ordination of collective bargaining/contract issues and professional issues.

Committee Members



Jennifer Hendry Ajax HS
Jennifer Piersma Anderson CVI
Jason Himsl Branch 18
Karen Clarke Brock HS
Christina Kalianteris Brooklin HS
Tom Dias Con Ed
Trever Brewer / Melissa Provost
Walter Jewer Dunbarton
Sean Bilmer Eastdale CVI
Walter Henry Grove

Roger Gordon

Henry Street

George Chaktsiris
Maxwell Heights

Adam Mercer


Robert Davey
Matt Thomas
Pickering HS

Kathie Harris

Pine Ridge

Katie Dwyer & Kelly Bond Port Perry HS
Marcia McCrae
Andrew Morris
GL Roberts

Julie Gladman


Rob Walker
Mike Hook Wilson
Driss El Machkour Virtual School

Garrett Metcalfe

District TBU Office Liaison

Ruth Leone

District TBU Office

Shane Stagg

Co-Chair/District TBU Office