Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation
District 13 Durham

Pay Dates

Permanent Teachers’ Pay Schedule
New Pay Schedule (effective September 2021):
• 3.846% x 26 pays
• Every other Thursday (September to August)
• First pay of the year will be Thursday, September 9, 2021; second pay will be Thursday, September 23, 2021 and so on
• Please note that in the past, the first pay was on the first banking day in September. This will not be happening this year. The first pay after the summer will be on September 9th NOT on September 1st.

Pay schedules can be located on DDSB Spark, here.
Daily Rate
Teachers coming back from or starting leaves part way through the year are sometimes paid a daily rate. Teachers will be notified in writing shortly following return to work from a leave where their method of payment has been changed to daily (per diem) rate. When paid on a daily rate, salary is not smoothed over the year but instead paid out based on the exact days worked in a particular period. SALARY IS NOT HELD BACK so payments will not continue through the summer. Contact the District Office if you have questions.

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