Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation
District 13 Durham

Pay Dates

Article L7.01 (a) Salaries will be paid at a rate of 4 % commencing the first banking day in September, followed by 4% on a bi-weekly basis from the third Thursday following Labour Day and ending with a final cheque in June in an amount to bring the annual salary percentage total to 100% for each teacher. 

In this arrangement, part of your pay is held back throughout the year and then paid out to you at the end of June to carry you through the summer.  This retro payment is only applicable if you are not being paid on the daily rate.

Daily Rate:

Article L7.01 (d) Teachers will be notified in writing shortly following return to work from a leave where their method of payment has been changed to  daily (per diem) rate.

When paid on a daily rate SALARY IS NOT HELD BACK so there is not a larger payment made in June.  Teachers coming back or starting leaves / retirement part way through the year are sometimes paid a daily rate.  When this happens there is NO PAY HELD BACK.  This means that teachers paid on the daily rate will have to be sure to put some money away to carry them through the summer.

Occasional teachers are paid bi-weekly for days worked in two week blocks.

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