Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation
District 13 Durham

Assigned Supervision Duties - Information & Forms

Teachers are reminded to monitor their assigned additional professional duties throughout the year.  The following pdf documents* can help with the calculations of on-call duties remaining as the year progresses.  Depending on the program used to access these files, you may be limited in your ability to save the document, and will have to print a copy upon completion for your records.

***If you are using the Google Chrome Browser, you must open the survey in a non-chrome window for the calculations to work properly.***

Please remember to log all of your assigned duties (even those assigned to supply teachers) and please report any questions or concerns to your CBC representative(s) or the District Office.

*Half-Time teachers are not to carry a 'negative' number from Part 1 through to the calculations at the bottom of Part 2.  If it is negative, please change to a zero.

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