Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation
District 13 Durham

Call for Proposals

OSSTF / DDSB Professional Development Day

Please note that the 'Call for Proposals' for our November 17, 2023 PD Day are now open!

The proposal form can be completed using the following google form:

PD Proposal Form

If you plan to have a guest speaker, the following google form must be completed:

PD Guest Speaker Form

Our OSSTF/DDSB joint PD Day will be held on November 17, 2023. The theme for this year is "Evolving Classrooms - Voices in Education" with a combined  focus on curriculum and wellness. We encourage you to be a presenter. Presenters design workshops dedicated to the theme, however, all curriculum related workshops can be submitted for consideration.

We encourage everyone to think about the future of education and our role in leading the way in best supporting our students and colleagues. If you would like to present a professional development session, please complete the proposal form. All proposals will be reviewed jointly by the District 13 Professional Development Committee and DDSB. Sessions must have curricular connections, support student learning, and reflect sound anti-oppression and equity pedagogy.

At this time, workshops for this day are anticipated to be in person, however, presenters should consider how their workshop could be delivered through a virtual platform if the need arises. The deadline for submissions will be September 27, 2023.
There is an opportunity for people who attend your session to provide feedback. Please make sure you print off enough feedback forms for your workshop.

Before submitting your workshop proposal please be sure to contact your principal to arrange a room booking at your school if you require a particular room as the presenter.