Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation
District 13 Durham


Constitution and Collective Agreement

A constitution has been adopted for the PSSP bargaining unit.  It can be found by clicking here.

Our Collective Agreement can be found by clicking here.

PSSP Executive

Members of the bargaining unit elected their executive team as follows:

President: Jennifer Seif
Vice-President: Andrea Malyon
Chief Negotiator-Grievance Officer: Jenifer Mascoll
Secretary-Treasurer: Esther Somogyi
Health & Safety Officer: Stephanie Pritchard
Educational Services Officer: Elizabeth MacDonald
Executive Officer: Amanda Frumkin
Pay Equity Officer: Tracey Grose

Important Update on the Comprehensive Plan Review

Comprehensive Plan Review decisions have been made.  Over the last year, the OMERS Sponsors Corporation (SC) has been conducting a Comprehensive Plan Review. Information and updates about the proposals were shared directly with members, employers, unions and sponsors at various times and were posted on the SC website and Facebook page.

Board decision:
On November 15th, the SC Board of Directors met to vote on the proposed Plan changes. The Board voted in favour of the following changes:
-eliminate the current 35-year cap for credited service, and
-allow paramedics to negotiate NRA 60 participation.

These changes are an important step that will address issues of fairness and equity within the Plan. None of the other proposed changes was adopted by the Board. However, the considerable work done through the Comprehensive Plan Review will equip the Board to continue its efforts to enhance the long-term sustainability of the Plan.

The Board will continue to meet to formalize the changes and supporting details, including implementation and timing. The changes are unlikely to be adopted before January 1, 2021. More information will be shared as it becomes available.

Addressing the Top Myths About the Comprehensive Plan Review

In light of materials that have been circulating about the change proposals, the latest edition of Straight Talk provides clarity around myths, misunderstandings or inaccuracies that you may have seen.


Top three myths about the Comprehensive Plan Review:

MYTH #1: OMERS is manufacturing a crisis and exaggerating the challenges facing the Plan today. Get the facts

MYTH #2: OMERS is doing better than any other major pension Plan. Get the facts

MYTH #3: If conditional indexing is adopted, indexing will only be provided if the Plan is fully funded or in surplus. Get the facts


For more myths and facts, read “Straight Talk: Setting the Record Straight” or click here for pdf version.

OMERS Sponsors Corporation Comprehensive Plan Review

Visit the OMERS Sponsors Corporation (SC) homepage – your central source for information concerning your Comprehensive Plan Review. This site will be updated regularly and will include their latest resources, including videos, newsletters and responses to frequently asked questions. Please bookmark this page and check back from time to time for the latest news. https://www.omerssc.com/

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