Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation
District 13 Durham

Incident Reporting

The most difficult part of reporting incidents is knowing how and when to report. There are three major types of incident reporting that teachers could be involved with:

Safe Schools Incident Reporting
(Bill 157 form) (completed by teacher on-line)
  • Must be completed when you witness or have knowledge of an incident which could lead to suspension or expulsion.
  • Form available on the portal under quick links --> Employee Self Serve --> HRP Link (Forms Online) --> Forms Online --> Safe Schools Incident Reporting Form.
  • These reports are designed to document and report incidents to the Principal and the Ministry of Education.
  • The responsibility to reports lies with every Board employee.
  • Staff are legally required to complete these reports.
Employee Violent Incident Reporting (completed by teacher on-line)
  • Must be completed when a student has exhibited violent behaviours that could have caused injury to the employee (whether or not an injury actually occurred) or threatens to exercise physical force.
  • Form available on the portal under quick links --> Employee Self Serve --> HRP Link (Forms Online) --> Forms Online --> Violent Incident - Safe Schools Form

Workplace Injury Reporting (completed by principal with teacher input using the Parklane system)
  • Must be completed whenever you are injured at work.
  • It is important to report the injury even if you think the injury is minor, just in case it does turn into something more serious.
  • Injury should be reported to Admin as soon as possible but at least within 24 hours of injury.

So what kind of report do I have to submit?  Let’s look at some examples:


Safe Schools Incident Reporting (teacher, online)

Employee Violent Incident Reporting (teacher, online)

Workplace Injury Reporting (principal with teacher input, online)

Student hits another student



Student hits another teacher



Student hits you


Student hits you and breaks your arm

Student threatens to hurt another student



Student threatens to hurt you


You slip and fall in the hallway



A student in special education bites you      

Follow the same reporting procedure for all students whether they are identified (IEP) or not.

When in doubt, contact the District Office for assistance.

Call 911 anytime you deem the situation to be an emergency.
Make sure you inform the school office after you call 911.

Near Miss Report

  • For incidents where no injuries are sustained but there was a potential for serious injury or damage to equipment or the environment, fill out a near miss report.