Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation
District 13 Durham

District Council


To be a recognizable, visible resource to teachers in your school.

To be an aid to Branch members in dealings with the principal.

To keep Branch members informed of ongoing programs and new initiatives in the District and Province.

To keep District Council and District Executive informed about the questions, concerns and initiatives arising from your Branch.


To chair regular Branch Executive and Branch Meetings at your school.

To attend District Council one evening per month @ 7:00 p.m.

To attend ad hoc Extended Council meetings on an as-needed basis.

Meeting dates for 2022-2023: Sep. 29, Oct. 27, Nov. 24, Dec. 15, Jan. 26, Feb. 23, Mar. 30, Apr. 26, May 25, Jun. 22

Duties of the Branch President in addition to those outlined above:

Together with CBC reps, vote on acceptance or rejection of any tentative settlement.

Together with CBC reps, vote of acceptance or rejection of District direction, including contract arbitration.

Together with a CBC rep, act as a member of the In-School Workload Review Committee (ISWRC).

To carry out the Class Size Survey in late September and early February.

To assist the CBC reps with on-call, supervision and other workload surveys.

To bring motions forward to District Council that have been voted upon and passed at the Branch level.

Committee Members



Jennifer Hendry Ajax HS

Jennifer Piersma


Jason Himsl

Branch 18, AMPA Delegate

Karen Clark


Christina Kalianteris


Tom Dias

Con Ed, AMPA Delegate

Richard Hamel             


Jennifer Young


Sean Bilmer


Ruth Kam

Grove, AMPA Delegate

Meghane Webster 

Henry Street

George Chaktsirisdis

Maxwell Heights, District 4th Vice-President, Communications Chair, AMPA Delegate

Ryan Gordon


Stephanie McMahon


Matt Thomas

Pickering, AMPA Delegate

Kathie Harris

Pine Ridge, Health and Safety Chair

Alden Fong & Katie Dwyer

Port Perry

Alicia Fennell


Dave Lewis


Julie Gladman


Rob Walker

Uxbridge, District 3rd Vice-President

Scott Field & Linda Chan Virtual School

Michael Hook


Roger Gordon AMPA Delegate
Matt Thomas AMPA Delegate
Julia McCrea OTBU President, AMPA Delegate
Art Hanke OTBU 1st Vice-President
Paul Cassell OTBU 2nd Vice-President
Avril Burns AMPA Delegate
Stephanie Pritchard PSSP President, AMPA Delegate
Amanda Frumkin PSSP
Jacqueline Westcott Public Relations Chair
Marcy McCrae EPAC Co-chair, AMPA Delegate
Khogu Yasodaran Anti-Oppression and Social Justice Lead, AMPA Delegate
Chris Davis District 1st Vice-President, AMPA Delegate
Esther McCalla District 2nd Vice-President, Human Right Chair, AMPA Delegate
Senthuran Paramasamy Professional Development Chair
Orit Orlovsky District Secretary

Richard McCormack

District Office, AMPA Delegate

Ruth Leone

District Office

Garrett Metcalfe

District Office, AMPA Delegate

Shane Stagg

District Office, TBU and District President, EPAC Co-chair, Constitution Chair, AMPA Delegate

Nicole Bléau

District Office, District Treasurer, TBU Additional Provincial Councilor, AMPA Delegate