Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation
District 13 Durham

Regulation 274 Updates

Regulation 274

Click here to see Regulation 274 in its entirety.

Reg. 274 FAQs

Click here for a a pdf of FAQs regarding the implementation of the new Regulation.  This document will be updated as information becomes available.

Hiring Flowcharts

Click here for flowcharts of the hiring process both for the filling of Permanent Vacancies and Long-Term Occasional Vacancies under Reg. 274.

Initial LTO List Posting

Click here to see the initial LTO List Posting.

Logging on to the Portal, Accessing the LTO List and Accessing Job Postings

Logging on to the Portal

Select Staff Portal from the top right hand side of the DDSB Home Page or go directly to https://portal.durham.edu.on.ca

Enter the same "User Name" that you use to log on to school computers, (first four letters of last name, first four letters of first name, last four (or all) numbers of your employee number.  For example, the Username for Johnathan Smith, employee number 12345 would be smitjohn2345.

Use the same password that you use to log on to computers at school.

If you are not using a school computer to log on, you must use the following format:
Username:  edu\smitjohn2345 


Accessing The LTO List

Once logged on to the Portal, click on the Employee Relations tab and select Hiring from the drop down menu.


Accessing Job Postings

Click on the Quick Links drop down and select Postings - Teaching

Use your Lotus Notes Username and Password to log on and see the job postings.

Click on the blue arrows to see the selection of postings available.