Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation
District 13 Durham

Additional TBU Provincial Councillor Candidate Ryan Kelly

I’m Ryan Kelly and I’m running to be your additional Provincial Councillor.
I’ve been an active participant in our union from the moment I became a member – some 15 years ago. My participation in our federation can be best characterized as activism - activism for fairness, activism for member recognition and engagement, and activism for improved democracy.
Since becoming a member, I’ve worked in several positions of responsibility with our federation - and I’m currently your Chief Negotiator and District Health and Safety Officer.
Whatever roles I’ve worked in as a federation representative, my work has been guided by good faith practices and my duty to provide our members with fair representation.
Electing me to Provincial Council will provide me the opportunity to connect with other Chief Negotiators, Staffing Officers and Health & Safety Officers from across the province - to share our best practices, and learn about theirs so that we can continue to improve to our members’ professional benefit.
As your Provincial Councillor, I will fight hard to improve member engagement, inclusion, recognition and participation. I will fight hard to improve our democracy, and to ensure it is a process that not only encourages our member input, but is guided by it.
Thank you.