Ontario Secondary School Teachers' Federation
District 13 Durham


District 13 OSSTF represents approximately 1450 permanent and 740 occasional teachers along with over 100 Professional Student Services Personnel in Durham region. Our union provides services to its members to protect them in their work and to enhance their professionalism through professional development workshops, health and safety training, collective agreement in-servicing and regular communications and public relations highlighting the teachers in our schools.

District Annual Meeting (DAM) - Resolutions and Nominations for Elected Positions

The 2021 District Annual Meeting will be held virtually on Thursday, May 6, 2021. On-time resolutions and nominations must be submitted by certain deadlines to district13@d13.osstf.ca. Those dates and timelines can be found on page 13 of the February edition of Inprint, which can be found here.

Nominations for all positions must be received by the District Office by April 8, 2021, no later than four weeks prior to the District Annual Meeting. After this deadline, only positions where there is no nominee shall remain open. Nominations from the floor at the District Annual Meeting shall be limited to open positions.

Please email your nomination to ruth.leone@d13.osstf.ca. Your email nomination must include a mover and a seconder to your nomination, as well, both the mover and the seconder must be carbon copied (cc) on your email nomination. Nominations for positions within the Teachers Bargaining Unit (TBU) are only open to members of the TBU. The mover and the seconder must come from within the TBU. These positions include the TBU president, Additional TBU Provincial Counsellor or TBU AMPA delegate.

Resolutions to amend the District Constitution at the 2021 District Annual Meeting can be viewed by visiting the link below:

Resolutions to amend the District Constitution

District 13 - AQ/ABQ Bursary


COVID-19 Absence Scenarios

Please visit this link to view the steps to take if you may have a potential exposure or symptoms.

OSSTF/FEESO Condemns all Acts of Anti-Black Hate, Racism and Discrimination

The Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation (OSSTF/FEESO) offers our solidarity with the Black members we represent, students we work with, as well as staff members who work for the union. We condemn all acts of anti-Black hate, racism and discrimination.

The outrage, fear and pain that many in the Black community are experiencing because you do not feel safe, is clear. As an education and labour community, we must stand together and speak up when people are facing violence and discrimination because of their skin colour.

As an organization, we reaffirm our commitment to end anti-Black oppressions. We will continue to work to identify and address systemic discrimination and racism in publicly-funded education. We will continue to create space for these conversations to take place in our union and in our communities.

We will listen. We will learn. We will act. We must do our part in the work for racial justice and equality.

2020/2021 District 13 OSSTF Executive and Delegates for AMPA 2021 

The members of our District 13 executive for the 2020/2021 school year are as follows:

District and TBU President - Shane Stagg
Occasional Teachers Bargaining Unit President - Avril Burns
Professional Student Services Personnel President -Kristen Bennett
1st Vice President - Erin Crawford
2nd Vice President - Garrett Metcalfe
3rd Vice President - Rob Walker
4th Vice President - George Chaktsiris
Treasurer - Nicole Bléau
Secretary - Laura Michaluk
Additional TBU Provincial Councillor - Ryan Kelly
Collective Bargaining Committee Chair - Ryan Kelly
Constitution Committee Co-Chairs - Shane Stagg and Ruth Kam
Communications Committee Chair - George Chaktsiris
Education and Political Action Committee Chair - Shane Stagg
Health and Safety Committee Chair - Kathie Harris
Human Rights Committee Chairs - Garrett Metcalfe
Professional Development Committee Chair - Julia McCrea
Public Relations Committee Chair - Danielle Hunter

As well, the following members are delegates for AMPA 2021

TBU Delegates:
Nima Basharat, Nicole Bleau, George Chaktsiris, Art Hanke, Jacqueline Hill, Jason Himsl, Danielle Hunter, Ryan Kelly, Richard McCormack, Stephanie McMahon, Garrett Metcalfe, Shane Stagg, Matt Thomas, Paul Wayling and Jennifer Young.

OTBU Delegates:
Avril Burns, Mara Zalcmanis, Dick Woudenberg

PSSP Delegate:
Kristen Bennett


Active Retired Members

Retired members can continue their OSSTF involvement
though membership with Active Retired Members.
Please click on the image to visit the website. 


The Ontario Secondary School Teachers’ Federation supports all of the recommendations put forward in the report from the Truth and Reconciliation Commission of Canada. In particular, OSSTF/FEESO endorses all of the recommendations related to improving educational opportunities for all First Nations, Métis and Inuit (FNMI) Canadians, and the need to better educate all Canadians about the history and impact of residential schools.